Caribbean Cycling: Getting Warmer in Guadeloupe

Cyclists in front of palms and ocean

For cyclists in the less temperate zones of North America, reality is starting to set in. Winter is coming; not much you can do about it. Time to check the winter clothing stock, maybe replace those over-worn booties. Or fill in that glove “gap” with that pair you’ve always needed for the 38-45F temperature range on a calm day. Replace the worn roller belt or upgrade your trainer. Riding indoors….ugh.

But for motivating through the dark days and indoor sweat-sessions, there’s nothing like a sun-filled cycling vacation on the distant horizon. And for us, there’s no cycling escape better than Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean.

The weather? The daily high is in the low 80s, the evening low in the upper 60s. It doesn’t change. Trade winds in the morning. Always. Tropical showers at random.

The roads? Like France. Except there are no signs anywhere at all. Just ribbons of nice pavement winding through cane-fields, leading you who knows where.

Cycling culture? It’s the number one sport on Guadeloupe. There’s nothing like sweating up a hill and having a middle-aged island woman yell encouragement while waving her machete at you. Really.

Bikes and beaches? Of course.

Group of riders

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Classic Mini in ride support mode

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Frischkorn on Tour de France climb

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